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Human Resources Officer (HR)


District Staff Officer- Human Resources (DSO-HR)

The DSO-HR is a member of the District Commodore’s Staff and is charged with the oversight of all Auxiliary sponsored Human Resources activities within their District.
The DSO-HR, with the concurrence of the District Commodore, may choose to delegate assigned duties to an ADSO-HR (Assistant District Staff Officer for Human Resources).
The DSO-HR will complete any additional District Duties, as assigned.

DSO-HR Duties:

            a). Establish and maintain positive contact with all HR Officers in their District. This includes all Division and Flotilla HR Officers. The DSO-HR will endeavor, as time allows, to visit each Division at least once a year. Advanced notification of this “visit” to Division Chief of Staff should be made.

            b). The DSO-HR will ensure that appropriate information pertaining to the Human Resources program is passed to all HR Officers in an expeditious manner.

            c). The DSO-HR will encourage all HR Officers to be pro-active in matters of Recruitment and Retention. The DSO-HR ensures that all necessary information regarding these essential areas are available and understood by each HR Officer. The DSO-HR will coordinate and promote all Nationally sponsored initiatives in their District.

            d). The DSO-HR will provide necessary training and workshops designed to enhance the membership the District/Division/ Flotilla.

            e). The DSO-HR will solicit monthly Reports from each SO-HR regarding activities that have been worked on, are presently be worked on and are planned in the near future.

            f). DSO-HR will create a Monthly Report, based in part on the Reports received from each Division and upon her/his activities using the same criteria. This Report will be forwarded (as directed) to both the District Chief of Staff and the DVC-PR.

            g). The DSO-HR will participate, as directed, in the Annual Dues Collection Drive to prevent disenrollment of members for nonpayment of Annual Dues.

            h). The DSO-HR will receive and distribute all National Membership Referrals as is appropriate. The DSO-HR will work with the National Recruiting Center to ensure the Referral is distributed in a timely and appropriate manner.  Assistance may be rendered to HR Officer receiving the Referral as necessary.

            i).  The DSO-HR will complete all necessary Membership Requests/Transfers/Notifications/Awards (Growth) in a timely and professional manner. This includes National Forms as well as District specific forms.


Flotilla Staff Officer- Human Resources (FSO-HR)


a. Exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all matters pertaining to the flotilla's member resources program, and keep flotilla members informed of all developments in the program.

b. Unless otherwise directed, you are to schedule qualified Auxiliarists to perform specific activities in your area of responsibility. The schedule must include a specific time and place for the activity.

c. Maintain close liaison with the Division Personal Services Staff Officer (SO-HR) in order to implement the member resources programs established for nation-wide, district-wide or division-wide use.

d. Coordinate and cooperate with the Flotilla Public Affairs Staff Officer (FSO-PA) in publicizing the member resources program.

e. Effectively implement the member resources program in accordance with prescribed procedures.



a. Develop and implement programs and activities to promote the growth of the Auxiliary, by obtaining new members, so that all nearby boating areas will be better served

b. Develop biographical files of the members and maintain other records of advanced training and offices held that may be appropriate for use by the Flotilla Commander in filling staff and/or committee positions, recommendations for awards, etc.

c. Develop and implement programs and activities designed to retain members with particular emphasis to contacting members who are drifting into inactivity by failing to attend meetings or by not actively participating in one or more programs. Look for symptoms of potential drop-out: missed meetings, no VSC, OP, or PE activity. Contact these members directly and try to involve them in any of the cornerstone or other programs, or in advanced training.

d. Prior to final action by the Flotilla Commander on a disenrollment request, or disenrollment action initiated by the flotilla, contact the member involved. Ascertain what caused the proposed action and provide counsel. Perhaps retired status would be more appropriate than disenrollment. Provide the Flotilla Commander a written summary of the action taken, and results, for each case.

e. In cooperation with the Flotilla Public Education Staff Officer (FSO-PE) and class instructors, present the Auxiliary Story to each public education class and invite them to apply for membership.

f. In cooperation with the Flotilla Vessel Examination Staff Officer (FSO-VE), ensure that all Vessel Examiners have a supply of the "Join the Auxiliary" pamphlets, stamped with information on who to contact, to provide to prospective members while conducting a VSC.

g. Follow-up all prospective membership leads from public education classes, boat shows, telephone queries, and other sources to ensure that every effort is expended to acquire good members.

h. Encourage members to bring prospective members as guests to the meetings and other suitable activities.

i. Meet visitors and prospective members who come to flotilla meetings. Ensure they are properly introduced to the membership.

j. In cooperation with the Flotilla Member Training Staff Officer (FSO-MT), encourage and guide new members through the new member process and encourage their further participation in advanced training.

k. Actively take part in the planning and execution of seminars, workshops, forums, and panel discussions.

1. Maintain contact with Retired Members of the flotilla. Ensure they are informed of flotilla activities and are invited to participate where permitted.

m. Report monthly to the Flotilla Vice Commander on activities and progress in membership growth and retention and the status of the flotilla member resources program.

n. Encourage and facilitate the purchase and proper wearing of the Auxiliary uniform(s), especially for new members. Become familiar with the available uniforms and procurement methods (see the Auxiliary Manual CMDTINST M16790 and Uniform Procurement Guide ANSC 7053). Discuss with the FC a regularly scheduled five-minute Flotilla uniform discussion.


a. Two weeks before each flotilla meeting follow-up with each prospective member with a phone call. Extend an invitation to the meeting. The aim is not to annoy the individual but to let them know we are genuinely interested and ready to assist. Continue to follow-up until prospect becomes a member.

b. Follow-up on every member that missed a meeting with a phone call during the week following the meeting. See if there was some problem causing the absence that the flotilla should address. Make another call to those same members during the week of the next meeting to remind them of, and stress the importance of attending. It is not the goal to badger people who miss an occasional meeting, but rather to let them know they were missed and that the flotilla considers them a valuable asset.

c. Present a "sales pitch" at some time during each PE course. Arrange with the FSO-PE and/or class chairpersons of each course to have instructors mention membership in the Auxiliary at several lessons throughout the course and not depend solely on the pitch by the FSO-HR. Show the Auxiliary slide show and try to create an interest in joining.

d. At each flotilla meeting report on all phone calls made after the preceding meeting and before the current meeting and the results of each. You should also report on the status of prospective members and any new prospective members added since the last meeting. It should be the goal to add at least one new prospective member each month.

e. Furnish the FSO-SR with the names and addresses of new prospective members to keep the FSO-SR mailing list of all regular members, and prospective members up-to-date.

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Phil Pelter BC-HCW